Use blocks to loop through all products in product page, good pratice?


Hi there,

I've seen a theme doing it. It uses blocks in product section, and each block is associated with one product (through a text field where the user inputs the product id). You can then match the block id with product id, thus using the entire block to customize your product page. 

Here are the pro and cons I see, but I'd love to have some feedback from experts because I may be missing a thing or two.

Pro :

• More user-friendly to use for a novice, because to some extent you can avoid using metafields. Indeed, everything is at one place, it's quite awesome and brings more possibility than doing a tutorial on how to use metafields.


Con :

• It can get messy and a very long block for each product, because you can't use blocks inside blocks, but I guess it's not such a big deal.
• It seems preferable to not have hundreds of products because the editor might get hard to navigate.

Is there any other downsides, or upside? Is it a good practice?


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