User_id field in Order Transaction API - POST Call

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Hi Team,
As part of the request payload for POST Order Transcation API /admin/api/2019-10/orders/#{order_id}/transactions.json, unable to provide user_id value (which is NOT a Read-Only value), even though we provide value for user_id in the request, response doesnt contain the value but instead has null.Could anyone please suggest why we see this is happening and where can I find the value for user_id in my Shopify Store.



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Was the order created through Shopify POS? The reason I am asking is because of this:


user_id - The ID for the user who was logged into the Shopify POS device when the order was processed, if applicable.

For any other case the value will be equal to null. Also, I am not sure one can pass user_id to the transactions request. What did you mean by this?

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Ok I got what you meant by Shopify POS. Since we are not using it through POS, we will not need to give a user_id value. Thank you for your help!