Validation failed: .jpg is not a valid image file type.

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I'm using a CSV file to import products into Shopify and a small number of the products are being imported successfully but most are being rejected with the same error message:

Validation failed: /images/products/tablet/RC0001RZ-22.jpg is not a valid image file type.

In this particular case, the complete URL of the image is

I can confirm this is a valid image file, it does render correctly, it validates as an image file according to tests I've done so I can't see what the problem is. All the images that I'm trying to import are saved in the same publicly accessible AWS Cloudfront location. Does anyone know why Shopify is rejecting some and not others?

Of course, the most frustrating part is that, if any one of the images specified for a product fails, the whole product is not imported.

Many thanks.

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This is an accepted solution.


You need to ensure you can actually view the image in a browser for it to be usable in a csv import.

For example:

The image link you added forces a file download rather than image view.




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Thanks Tom. AWS S3 had incorrect content-types specified for the files that weren't working. I managed to run a CLI command on the S3 bucket to correct this and it's all working correctly now.

Many thanks for taking the time to respond.