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I want to be able to create a product which has variable pricing depending on an option.

I want the customer to be able to create a book on the site, first choosing a binding, e.g. soft cover, hard cover etc and then choose the number of pages. The binding is going to be charged at a flat rate and then the customer is going to be charged x amount per page so for example of the customer chooses a soft cover with 55 pages it would be charged at £2.00 + (55 x £0.085)

My original thought was to build the binding and pages as a separate product and add them individually to the cart with the quantity being the number of pages, however if the customer wishes to order multiple copies I worry it might get a bit messy and confusing. I can edit the basket so it would look correct, however when it gets to the checkout, I havent found a way to edit this, so I feel it may get very confusing for the customer. Is there any way to add multiple of the same add on items to a product?

I'm not afraid to play around with the backend of the site, I just wanted to see of anyone has had any previous experience with something similar or has any other ideas



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Hi @ajalexsmith 

Your approach is the best here as you only need to dynamically change the Quantity field based on the number of input pages then configure the Add to Cart button to take into account the choice of the book cover. 

The Book Cover type will be a dropdown while the rest is as you requested.




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