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Hi all,


Would somebody please advise on this? 


We sell cardboard boxes in bulk so need to set the variables up correctly, however I can't suss it out - maybe not possible?




We have 1,000 boxes in stock


Our variables are:


  • Pack (17 boxes)
  • Half Pallet (35 boxes)
  • Full Pallet (70 boxes)

If somebody buys a full pallet we need 70 boxes deducting from the total stock count.

Leaving 930 boxes left in stock.


Or, if somebody selects the variable 'Full Pallet' and quantity '2', then 140 boxes would need to be deducted from the total stock level.


So the set up would be


Variable Name: Purchase Option

Option: Pack, Half Pallet, Full Pallet


However, with the current variables in Shopify, i can only seem to set the variable name and options.

The prices are for each option and a stock level for each option. This doesn't work for us.


Is there a way around this?


Hope this makes sense. You can see what i mean from our current magento website


Essentially, i need to be able to set the variants to


  • Pack - and assign 17 boxes to it
  • Half pallet - and assign 35 boxes to it
  • Full pallet - and assign 70 boxes to it

Is this possible?


Appreciate any help somebody can offer :)


Many thanks