Variant Problem.

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There is a variant price problem in the product page. For example, If I go on a product page of which has a multiple variants A, B, C, and D.

If A is a default variant of that product page and has a price of 30$, B also has a price of 30$ while C has a price of 40$ and D as 50$

So when I go into a product page I see 30$ as a default price and "A" is selected as default. If I want to see the price of "B" and find that it also has 30$.
Now when I click on "C" I find it has 40$ price, and when I click on "D" and it has 50$ price. But the issue is that now if I go to see the price of "A" I find that variant price does not change, and also the same with variant "B" also, that means after selecting variant that has a price different then default variant, I am not able to see a variant's price that is equal to default variant price.


Thank You.