Variant and total stock number - Made to order issue

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Hello all ! 

I'm working on made to order listings for handmade products. 

I would like to open 10 slots for made to order listing on items with 3 different things that can be chosen as a variant ( body color, eye color, accessory, etc).

My issue is that I'm ending up with 50 different combination that each need an inventory stock, but it's way too much to handle if I sell 1 of each.
How to cap the number of orders for this product at 10, with all the freedom on the variant they want ? 

The only thing that comes to my mind is to stay behind my screen and wait for the 10 slots to sell and then close it ?

But I would like to have it automated, as I plan on creating many different made to order listings in the future. 

Thank you for you help ! 





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Hi @PlumHorizon

Is inventory management important for your product options (body color, eye color, accessory)? If not, then you could have a single variant with your product's inventory ceiling at 10, and pass the rest of the product attributes as a line item property. You can find out preset options for this, here:

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Hi there, 

I'm also having the same issue. Where in the line code would I stick in a <form> ....</form> to replace the variant? It's either going top left or top bottom. 


Many thanks 

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Hey There!

I am wondering if you have figured out a way to do this?

I am currently trying to set up, and am running into this same issue.