Variant compare at Price does not refresh when variants are selected

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Hi,  I have been having difficulty getting the liquid code to refresh the variants' compare at price on the product pages.  I styled it with a strike through and it shows up on the item, but when a customer selects a different variant the Discount prices and Save values change but the compare at price stays the same.  If you refresh the page it changes, but I want it to automatically change like the other prices displayed when a customer selects the variant.


You can see the page here: Virtual Tour Sleeve product page


Here is the specific edited code in product-template.liquid:

        {% if bold_compare_at_price_max > bold_price and section.settings.product_show_saved_amount %} 
                  <li><span id="original_price" style="color:#A91E2C; text-decoration:line-through; font-size: 25px;">
            <span style="color:#A91E2C">{% include 'price' with variant.compare_at_price %}

          <span id="comparePrice-{{ }}" class="sale-tag large">
            {% assign compare_price = variant.compare_at_price %}
            {% assign product_price = bold_variant_price %}
            {% include 'price-sale' %}

I figure I must be declaring the incorrect liquid variable(s), but nothing I have tried so far has worked.  Any help would really be appreciated!