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I have variants that are forwarding to another. We are getting a warning on the Merchant Center account for inaccurate prices. We dug into this a little more and found that there is an issue with the landing page links redirecting to different product variations.

For example, this is the link for variant ID 19744037240889 which is priced at $6.72:

However, this link is redirecting to variant ID 19744037404729 which is priced $322.98. If you look at the address bar in your browser, you’ll notice that the variant ID at the end of the URL changes from 19744037240889 to 19744037404729. This is what is throwing the price mismatch error in the Google Merchant Center.


Any thoughts on how to stop this and other fowards?

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I have never seen products being forwarded like this. So my guess, this is an app or the theme doing this.

Check your apps if there are that forward based on rule. If that is not the case, then check your theme.

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