Variant swatches that link to other product pages

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/I posted this in the Shopify Design section, and I posted it here with the intent of deleting the other one - but now I am having trouble deleting the first one. I apologize for the duplicate!

Preface: I am using the Fastor Theme from RoarTheme and I have created several designs of shirts that vary slightly and due to the shopify variant limit (argh) I have them in separate product posts. For example, I may have a white version and a black version of the same design. See Below.

White DesignWhite DesignBlack DesignBlack Design








Note: Sometimes I only have two designs, other times I can have up to 6 variant designs because I am an indecisive monster that wants my customers to have whatever they dream at night.

The Seemingly Impossible Goal: I would like to be able to have my customers be on one product and be able to change the design (From a white one, to black, to rainbow...whatever). Ideally, the options under the design part would link to its corresponding design.

I would like it to look similar to this (in concept only, not exactly)



 You'll have to use your imagination a bit where I decided to be lazy - but essentially, I would like the "Design" section to link to the other designs. It doesn't have to look exactly like that, I can do swatches or mini product pictures, drop down, doesn't matter. 

The First Attempt: I have found this guide which seemingly does what I would like except that it does it on the color option instead of a design or material option. The only issue here is that the author describes the process as, "The colour options in the above image can be outputted based on metafields or tagging of the associated products, which are then outputted via logic in the theme". Since I am an incompetent neanderthal with just barely enough coding experience to find my way out of a paper bag, I have no idea what this means.

The Second Attempt: Found another guide here which seems super great, except from what I can tell, I would need to have the exact same number of designs for each product. Some of mine only have one, and others have up to 6, so I couldn't do a system similar to "/variant-5" because there isn't always a variant 5 for every product and while I find 404 pages entertaining, it's not the kind of look I am going for.

The Nth Attempt: I have tried SO many different apps such as Bold, Infinite Product Options, etc, but none of them (that I could find) allow me to link to a different product upon selection. 


Any and all suggestions will be taken with open arms. The most helpful people will earn a spot in my diary with hearts circled around your name - once in a lifetime opportunity. 

Thank you so so much in advance if you even read through all of this.