Vendor Collection by Vendor Type

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I am attempting to create a vendor collection and display the vendors by vendor type.  For example:  I have a drop down list named "Vendors" in the main navigation menu.  There are four different kind of vendors listed.  I would like to create an automated collection for each type based on some vendor related conditions.  


I have created a collection under the products/collections page and it is pulling the vendors.  The problem is am facing is not being able to find a condition that will allow me to pull only the vendors I want to see.  I am assuming it has something to do with the conditions being related to the products and not the vendors.  For example:  I can choose "product tag is equal to song."  I am assuming the problem is, product tag is a product attribute and nothing that is directly tied to the vendor. I tried to query by product vendor, but that did not work either.  Well, actually all of the queries worked.  It pulled in the products that met the requirements, but not the vendors.  


I am sure I am going something wrong.  So, can you please tell me how I might create a vendor collection, then create sub collections based on vendor type?



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Hello! I'm facing the same problem, by any chance did you find a way to solve it?