Venture Theme: Product template to show Inventory/Stock options

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Hi there, 


I'm hoping one of you experts are able to help me.
I've just set up a new shop, but am currently stuck with the Venture template and Inventory/Stock options.
I do have technical knowledge to update the code in certain sections etc.. 


Basically what I want to achieve is the following:


Here the product has 7 variants. 

The variants are shown in a dropdown, and there stock options are listed next to them... for example. See screenshot here: 



From what I can see in Sections, in the code, product-template.liquid... It looks like it's already available...



What I cannot work out is how to made that available. I can see that it's wrapped in a condition... if Settings > Stock > Enable. Which from what I can see I've enabled it anywhere I can... Plus I've created the inventory and followed the guidelines for receiving stock etc etc... But nowhere can I get this dropdown to appear with the stock availability... 

Can anyone help? Happy to have a quick zoom call / screen sharing session to resolve!