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Hi @Julie 

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I thought that with the recent development with Facebook Shops, Shopify and Facebook will be much more integrated. But that's not the case.

To be able to sell on Facebook channels, we need to verify the primary domain even if we have purchased a custom domain through Shopify. The following is a screenshot of the email I received from a Facebook rep. 


Screenshot 2020-09-20 at 4.58.02 PM.png


I want to get my domain verified in Business manager so that I can sell through Instagram. I also get the same message when I try to set up Instagram shopping through the mobile app:




And the same message when I access commerce manager in Facebook business manager:


Screenshot 2020-09-20 at 5.07.43 PM.png


In summary, we need to verify to be able to use Facebook sales channels. 

Let me know if you require further info. Please help. Thank you!



Rishabh Sawant 

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I see this when we go to Settings -->Business --> Set Up Instagram Shopping (through the IG app). How do we get IG to recognize that we've already verified with Facebook?
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Hi, Julie. I have verified the primary domain with Facebook. On Facebook, it shows both the FB and IG shops as active. But when I go to IG and click settings --> business --> set up instagram shopping, I get an error message that I must verify, which doesn't make any sense and is also impossible. I've already submitted an appeal as well. How do we get IG to recognize that has already been verified through Facebook?



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Hey, everyone! I appreciate all the newcomers hopping into the conversation. To keep things simple, I'll be replying to each of your questions here in a single response: 

@Joanna11 & @TWallace: Unfortunately, the DNS settings for domains cannot be edited. This is because URLs are primarily used for login and account authentication purposes when you contact support. It's highly recommended that merchants purchase a custom domain for their business. Not only will a custom domain result in a shorter link, but it can definitely add credibility to your business and strengthen your brand image. Domains are quite affordable and you can purchase one here

However, you can instead use Facebook's meta tag verification method, which requires you to add a code snippet from Facebook into your theme.liquid file. We have a help doc on how to verify your domain using this method here. 

@RishabhSawant: Thank you for sharing the screenshot. I see in the screenshot that the domain you are trying to verify is "". However, URLs should end in "", with your store name preceding it. 

I also accessed "" here on my end and I am not seeing a "www" in the address bar when I arrive on your site. This tells me that your primary domain is likely "". So, in your case, you'll just need to edit the DNS settings for "" if you are using the TXT method. If you are still receiving an error, then you can attempt to use the meta tag method mentioned above for the URL, by following these steps

@cibolocreative: Thanks for confirming that you've already submitted an appeal. When you submitted the appeal, did you do so through the Facebook sales channel, in the same spot where you were promoted to verify your domain for Instagram? While this should prompt Facebook to review your domain again, this process may take some time. As a workaround, I would recommend trying the meta tag method mentioned above by following these steps

I hope this helps guide everyone in the right direction. If you are still receiving issues after trying the meta tag option, then it's recommended that you Submit an appeal via the prompt in the Facebook sales channel. Please keep me posted! 

Julie | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hi, Julie. Thanks for the response. There is definitely some sort of glitch between FB/IG and Shopify. I'm not even sure how IG pulled the Shopify domain (rather than the custom) for the business account in the first place. I've added the Shopify domain to the list of domains in Facebook Business Manager and verified with the meta tag, like you suggested. That worked, but when I try to tag a product on IG, they are gray and it says I can't select them because they're on a different domain. I also can't get a "Visit Shop" button to show up on IG. The only work around I've found so far is to edit each product's URL in the Facebook Commerce Manager so that it begins with the Shopify domain rather than the custom domain. This seems like it will work in the short-term, but when a product update is pushed to Facebook, they'll likely revert and break the IG shop. Do you know if Shopify developers are working with Facebook to try and sort this issue out? Thanks again for your help!

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This is my exact issue!!!!!!

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Hi there!! Hope you're doing well & having a good Tuesday.


I am writing this because I am having the same issue - just got my instagram shopping verified but because I have my own domain I used ( it said "these products arent under the domain used for this profile" AKA talking about my domain! So I had to manually override my actual URLs with with the my shopify version & it worked BUT it will be overridden if I ever update any of those products on my shopify while still using my domain that I own... 


This is a large issue for me. I already paid for this domain & plan to continue to use it - how can I fix this issue?


The main problem is that facebook/instagram are pulling this myshopify URL instead of my custom domain that is registered with shopify. Is this because I didn't purchase it through shopify? if so, its a bug for the application. I would think that shopify would send any registered custom domain as the "primary domain" for instagram/facebook shopping. Let me know! 

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Shopify Staff
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Thanks for the followup, @cibolocreative

Can you please confirm which catalog you're using? You can find out in your Instagram app, by heading to the Shopping section of your Business settings. Also, do you have a screenshot of the error message? In this case, it sounds like you may be using the wrong product catalog so it would be a good idea to confirm which catalogs you have access to and which one is currently selected. If you're using the correct catalog, then submitting the appeal to Facebook should resolve this issue. 

To answer your question, @Cbk2020, it sounds like you've already verified your domain with Instagram, is that correct? If so, then you'll next need to go through Facebook's appeal process and select that you have changed your domain. This will let Facebook and Instagram know that you are using a custom domain and should resolve the issue! Keep in mind that it may not be immediate, as Facebook will need to review your submission.

For everyone else in the Community Forums who is experiencing this issue, the appeals process is definitely the next step you'll need to take if you have already verified your domain with Instagram. If you are unable to verify your domain due to the fact that you are not using a custom domain, then you can verify your URL by following the meta tag method. We also have instructions on this process here

Feel free to keep me posted on how that goes.

Julie | Social Care @ Shopify
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I think you misunderstood my issue. The timeline went like this:

1. I purchased a domain through a third party (not Shopify) &. Built a
2. After time, I ended up deciding to open a Shopify store instead of the
other website
3. I registered my domain with Shopify & had all of my traffic point to my Shopify site.
4. I integrated with Facebook successfully & Facebook shopping worked
perfectly (I used the business manager & it pointed each listed product to
5. Then, I verified my domain calligraphybykitchen.con under brand safety
in the business manager
**this is where I was stuck for a few weeks not understanding the issue...
bc it kept saying to verify my one but that wasn’t the primary
custom domain!
6. After looking in this forum I added the my Shopify . Com one to the
brand safety verified domains with the meta tag thing & it worked to get me
Instagram shopping
7. Then, I went to add products & they all appeared as grey saying they
weren’t pointing to the right domain verified (at the time they were
pointing to my custom domain - which was one of
the domains verified under brand safety Facebook BM - but it wanted me to
redirect all of the listings on Facebook to point to my Shopify . Com one
bc that’s for some reason what Instagram is using).

I think there is an issue with integration between Shopify & Instagram.
Based on this forum it seems like:
• when a user doesn’t use a custom domain they’re fine following meta tag
• when A user buys their domain through Shopify they are fine bc Shopify
auto-sends the custom domain info so that’s what the users need to verify
• when a user already owns their own custom domain & they move over to
Shopify & register it - for some reason Instagram defaults to my Shopify .
Com instead of the registered custom domain...

Does that make sense? Let me know if I’m missing something! I just do not
understand why it Shopify is already using my custom domain & it’s been
registered why Instagram would default the domain needing verification to
my version instead of the primary custom domain. This is an
issue bc now I had to go in & manually edit every product listing to be the
my Shopify link instead of my custom domain link so that I could claim them
as My products on Instagram.
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Dear Julie,


 Thank you so much for your answer. I verified my FB account by meta -tag as you addcive . Everything works good!Thank you for giveing me this solution. I really appriciate that Shopify is always open for help and answer so quick and always helpful!