Want to export Product Add Date for aging analysis.

Is it possible to export Product Add date (create date) with All Product export?  

I want to do analysis on movement of product over time since added to the system.

I can't find a report that might help with this.


Any suggestions?


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As far as I am aware, using the export to CSV on products will not include the created_at field for product or product variant and there is no way to change that.


Likewise, the reports won't help you either even if you had access to ShopifyQL - again as far as I am aware none of the ShopifyQL schema include the created_at field.


Which leaves you with two options


  1. Find an app that meats your needs
  2. Use the Shopify Admin API to query your products and sales (I am guessing that you meant sales by when you say "movement of product over time"). You can do this ad-hoc from a REST client such as Postman or Insomnia or you could have a private app developed.

Best wishes!

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The only way to get 'age' is under the assumption (and this is how it works) that the product at the TOP of the exported file is the one most recently added. The oldest-added products are at the bottom. But there is on way to tell what the exact date was.