WebP is there a way to influence compression amount?

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I love that shopify is delivering the webp format. My only problem is the image files still seem drastically larger than I'd expect. I mean 5x the size I would make them.

For example, this image uploaded to shopify, shopify serves the webp version at 742kb for the 3000x version. 

The same image on my own server gets compressed to 140kb for the 3000x version and the quality is still great for my needs. 

I know there's this post that discusses shopify's compression rates for jpg,png, but no info on webp. In an experiment, uploading a heavily compressed .jpg doesn't seem to make any difference.

Is the only option to host images outside of shopify if we want smaller webp files?

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I haven't found a way to edit compression levels of WebP.

I did some tests awhile back with a few WebP tools and found that compressing images with tinypng.com in JPG or PNG was better than WebP - lower file size and same quality.

WebP was hyped up a few years ago as the next best image format but I don't think it ever lived up to it. I've also found WebP to be less compatible with image editing tools, so I still prefer JPG (for photographic images) and PNG (for graphics or images with text in them). PJPG can be good to utilize too, it can provide a little extra perceived performance boost.



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WebP was hyped up a few years ago as the next best image format but I don't think it ever lived up to it.


I get much smaller faller sizes with webp vs jpg using imagick to convert images on upload to my non-shopify sites. I still include both option in the markup to support all browsers. Google will also give you a lower score in their publicly available metrics if you're not providing a next-gen image format as an option.