Website does not load with a specific Internet Service Provider

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My website has been working fine for several months, but suddenly it is sporadically offline for the last 48 hours - but only using a specific Internet Service Provider (in this case, Claro Colombia). Other service providers are always fine. Claro Colombia continues to work for non Shopify wesbites.


I have noticed that other websites that also use Shopify and the same Internet Service Provider also go offline and come online at the same time.

In other words, this is specific to Shopify and the specific Internet Service Provider Claro Colombia. 

I guess Shopify will blame Claro and Claro will blame Shopify...

Does anybody have a solution?

Thank you.

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Im also having the same issue, ocassionally for claro users shows DNS problems, if I try with another provider at the same time the website works fine. My shop is