Website fails to load on mobile

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Hi All,


I'm having an issue with a new store I have created.


The site seems to be fine when tested on desktop, but there is a regular, intermittent error where it will not load on mobile.


This error occurs when a mobile phone is connected to the internet by WiFi or 4G and has occurred accross different network providers (EE and Vodafone are known to exhibit the problem).


The web page spends a few seconds attempting to load and then results in the message


This site can't be reached unexpectedly closed the connection.



Checking the connection




I purchased the domain name prior to the Shopify setup, so followed Shopify instructions on creating the DNS records.


The error occurs quite often, but not all the time. Sometimes it loads on mobile, but there seems to be several times a day that it does not.


I am currently driving a lot of traffic to this website as part of a pre-launch campaign, which has a deadline of November 2nd, so I really need a reliable connection to this website.


Can anyone offer any help or advice?


I contacted Shopify customer support and they believe the issue is not on their side, but it occurs on different devices and different mobile providers.


Any assitance is hugely appreciated.










This issue can be seen on desktop also.

Some times your site shows that msg on desktop.

I think that is network issue. 

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