What is wrong in this code? ...

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Hi guys, I'm trying to customize my button in the "order confirmation" email to redirect them to a specific page of in my website.


The original code is:

<td class="button__cell"><a href="{{ order_status_url }}" class="button__text">View your order</a></td>


I changed it to:

<td class="button__cell"><a href=“{{ https://cammunication.club/pages/aprende-a-crear-tu-propia-tienda-online-shopify }}“ class="button__text">View your order</a></td>

and I also tried with:

<td class="button__cell"><a href=“/pages/aprende-a-crear-tu-propia-tienda-online-shopify“ class="button__text">View your order</a></td>

And the button appears with my new message (in Spanish) but it doesn't take you to the page... It just fails and goes to a blank screen... 


I'm selling some information that is in that page, so I need my buyers to be able to access it from that button.

Cheers guys, stay safe.

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This is an accepted solution.

Hey there,


I can see the your code has double quote problem.

Please try following code

<td class="button__cell"><a href="{{ https://cammunication.club/pages/aprende-a-crear-tu-propia-tienda-online-shopify }}" class="button__text">View your order</a></td>


<td class="button__cell"><a href="/pages/aprende-a-crear-tu-propia-tienda-online-shopify" class="button__text">View your order</a></td>


Hope this will work.



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Hey mate! Thanks for your help!


First option didn't worked at all (It said: Redirect Notice: The page you were on is trying to send you to an invalid URL blabla...)

And with the 2 option the button wasn't doing anything...


BUT I added "cammunication.com" and paste it like this:

<td class="button__cell"><a href="cammunication.club/pages/aprende-a-crear-tu-propia-tienda-online-shopify" class="button__text">View your order</a></td>



So basically you have me the last piece to finish the puzzle haha Cheers.

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