What percentage of Shopify users are browsing without Javascript?

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There was just a Q&A with Victoria Duggan about headless websites, and one topic of discussion was, surprisingly, how to make a headless Shopify site that doesn't rely on Javascript. 

My first reaction was "It's not possible, except maybe with a purely SSG setup". My second thought was "Wait... what's the impact here? How many users are actually visiting Shopify stores without Javascript capability?"

Are there any official analytics released by Shopify that would give me an idea of how common this scenario is? I.e. What percentage of users across all of Shopify are browsing without Javascript?

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Not sure about Shopify specific metrics, but here are the latest global stats curated by MediaWiki:

- 2010: 1.6% average (2.06% in U.S., 0.26% in Brazil) (according to developer.yahoo.com)
- 2013: 1.1% in U.K. (according to gds.blog.gov.uk)
- 2016: 0.2% average (1.87% in East Asia) (according to blockmetry.com)

Personally, I don't think it's worth worrying about. I believe most users disabling javascript are prepared to see some broken sites. So if they really want to buy something, they'll probably know to turn it back on / switch to a JS enabled medium.