Where is delivery instructions from the customer ?

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Where is delivery instructions ??

I have seen older question about this, but they remain unanswered.  I'm using local delivery. Just before payment the user can specify specielt delivery instructions, for instance, "I'm home until 11 oclock" or similar. I looked everywhere for the liquid variable but have failed. I wish to put these in order page (additional script) and email confirmation. I tryed:


Without luck, any ideas ? 





This is an accepted solution.

There is a list of variables available for use in the Order notification email that can be found here.

Both {{ note }} and {{ delivery_instructions }} are available for use.

{{ delivery_instructions }} works only with the local delivery option.  {{ delivery_instructions }} already displays in the Order confirmation email of Debut out of the box. 

Here's the code in the default Order Confirmation email that displays {{ delivery_instructions }}. Staring on line 9. 

You can find this code by navigating: Settings Notifications Order confirmation


 {% if delivery_instructions != blank  %}
      <p><b>Delivery information:</b> {{ delivery_instructions }}</p>
{% endif %}



Another way to accomplish this is to repurpose the cart note by changing the label as described below.

Step 1. Enable Cart Notes

Here's how to enable cart notes in Debut: Admin > Themes > Customize > Click [Cart Icon] > Cart Page > Check Enable cart notes

Enable Cart NotesEnable Cart Notes

Here's the result:

Cart Notes RenamedCart Notes Renamed

Step 2. Change Cart Note Label

Change the label of cart notes to Delivery Instructions as follows:

Admin > Themes > Actions > Edit Languages > Cart > Edit Note: 'Delivery Instructions' (Defualt is 'Add a note to your order')

Change cart note labelChange cart note label

Step 3. Swap out {{ delivery_instructions }} with {{ note }} in the Order Confirmation email as noted above.





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Hi themecaster.

Thank your a lot for you response, the idea about re-using cart notes and for delivery note is perfect !.

Good solution.