Where is the support?

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I have wasted half my morning trying to contact support!

Very disappointing as so many people are now moving online, aspecially during the lockdown periods?

As a Shopify Partner website builder and e-comm coach , it is terrible....

MY PROBLEM TODAY is I NEED HELP from SHOPIFY -  the owner of one of my shopify sites has not logged in for over 3 months - they NO LONGER have access to the log in email/username, and now can not log in! We need help asap THANK YOU.

Super frustrating

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?



Have you reached out to the Shopify's support via email? So far all the times I needed it they contacted me back within 24h, often times within 12h or so.

Overall I'm quite pleased with their support.

Kind regards,

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Hi Diego,

I actually reached out to them in Facebook Messenger, where they directed me through their site to find the "call shopify" information, it is now sort of hidden away. Shopify has always been very easy to contact for support up untill now. 

Thank you for your reply, I appeciate it, at the time I couldn't even find their email contact link? 

I did use a previous support email in my own email sytem to reach out... 

The support team even said they are receiving a lot of complaints of how hard it is to contact their support at the moment...

Warm Regards