Where should I put the CSS for my embedded form?

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I've added a Mailchimp embed signup form to our site.  Mailchimp links to a CSS file on its servers, and does not leave much room for customization. So I've thought of a few ways to link to our own CSS, but I'm unsure which is best for loading time, etc…

1. Create a separate stylesheet and load it in the header of liquid.theme (what we have set up currently)


MC css.jpg






2. Add it into our main stylesheet "styles.scss.css"

3. Add it into the "custom css" portion of our theme editor (for the custom HTML section)


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I don't know much about how the code is loaded. Which of these three is best? Or is there a better way to do it? 




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Adding it to the styles sheet would be best, that would reduce the requests on your site to load more assets, and help it load and perform faster.