Where to save Data for my online shop?

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Hi guys,

I have a small jewelry store in the old town. Because the business is going quite well at the moment (Christmas is just around the corner), I thought about setting up an online store. This way people don't have to go out of the house and can still shop at my place.

The administration is already taken care of, it's really only about the online store itself. I had thought of simply storing the customer data on a server in my store, but my website designer told me not to do that. He said I should use a provider like Aiven for retail so that I have the data on a database and it's protected from loss.
He also said that Aiven as a provider is cloud based so I can continue to work on my online store from anywhere.

What do you think about this solution? Should I follow the advice of my website designer or should I rather set up a server with my data? What is more secure? And where is the processing faster?