Which theme will be best?

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I'm new in Shopify, but it looks very good so far. I'm about to start up a webshop and I'm exploring the best theme for this. Below my requirements. I want to setup a very strong e-commerce platform, including all the promotional features.


FRONT end requirements

  • Responsive
  • Fast loading time
  • Cross sell functionalities (after one selected a product, show more recommended products in the funnel )
  • Up sell functionalities (highlight an higher quantity/stagger with e.g. "Most Popular" call out)
  • Product page: functionality to upload designs
  • Pop ups for promotional messages (preferably based on behaviour)
  • Search functionality
  • Customer review integration (which helps SEO ranking)
  • Very flexible product page (add/edit/remove product functionalities easily)
  • Quotation request functionality

BACK end requirements

  • Easy, flexible and fast pricing management
  • Easy, flexible and fast product/category/assortment management
  • Strong SEO functionalities (technical and content -including images, H1 / H2 / etc possibilities)
  • Functionality to automated send of uploaded design to supplier
  • Marketing automation
  • Connections with all the marketing tools, like Google Shopping

Does anybody has any suggestions for a good theme which match my my needs?


Many thanks!

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With respect to Google Shopping, the theme has nothing to do with connecting the data.


Simply make sure you follow the product landing page requirements: https://support.google.com/merchants/answer/4752265?hl=en

And have structured data installed: https://support.google.com/merchants/answer/7353427?hl=en


Hope this helps.

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Thanks Emmanuel!