Why am I getting hundreds of visitors from India?

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I am getting hundreds of visitors from India without any ads targeted there.  India has never been a country where I provide products or service to.  I am just building my website and its less than one month old so I haven't done any advertising other than Facebook page likes to Canada, USA, France and UK which was 2 weeks ago.  Today, with no ads up, I have 1 visitor from USA, 1 from Canada, 2 from UK and 127 from India.  Yesterday was similar.  Obvioulsly there is a bot issue.  Does shopify have any apps to block this? Facebook pixel and Pinterest Pixel will get destroyed and my intelligent advertising will be useless if this isn't fixed.  I'm reading about this Shopify issue online. 

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We are having the exact same problem. "Visits" from India are 3 times traffic from US and Canada and I won't even get into the number of countries in the world that have supposedly stopped by for all of 0 seconds. I've tried looking everywhere for solutions to this. There were suggestions about filtering and segmenting Google Analytics but this doesn't appear to be what is feeding the Shopify Analytics dashboard. You can filter your report for a hot second in the report section of Shopify Analytics but the only way you can save this is if you have Advanced Shopify ($300USD/month). So obviously this is absolutely skewing conversion results, which is sad because people will be throwing good money out the window thinking they're doing something wrong on their site because conversion is so low when it is simply fake traffic. So from what I can tell is there is nothing to be done, and it has been an issue in the community since 2015, unless you spend the big bucks which is ridiculous if you are just trying to get your business off the ground. There was thought that maybe one of the apps we had was driving the traffic because their pricing model is based on number of visitors (it's now off the site). We'll see if over time that makes a difference.

I'll keep an eye on this thread to see if there ever is a solution. If you figure something out, we'd love to know what it is.