Why does the facebook sales channel sync page title instead of product title.

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I have my product page titles optimised for SEO, I have my product titles optimised for click through. This is the whole point of doing SEO optimisation.

When the Facebook sales channel syncs my catalogue across to create a facebook/instagram shop. It uses the product page title as the product title.

So now rather than my nice looking click-through optimised title, it has my ugly SEO optimised title.


As far as I can tell there is no way to change this since the feed sent to facebook doesn't even contain the product title in the first place?!

Why has Shopify made this design choice, it's nonsensical. (The Facebook sales channel is an official Shopify app.)


Any ideas on rectifying this that are not just making the product title and the page title the same?

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Hi @SimonTronik 

The Shopify Facebook Feed is an app that provides a reliable and amazing way to sync your Shopify store with the product catalog on Facebook. You can then show dynamic ads for products, or even sync products with your Facebook Page shop or Instagram Shopping.

Shopify Facebook Feed app is trusted by thousands of merchants for a strong Facebook product feed for every type of Shopify product catalog.

Benefits of Shopify Facebook Feed:

  • Automatic image resizing
  • Up-to-date XML product catalog in the exact format recognized by Facebook
  • Facebook feed creates a pre-processed XML file
  • Handle an unlimited number of products and SKUs. Unlike a feed hosted on your Shopify store, which will time-out with thousands of products,
  • Refresh feed daily
  • Reliably match products with events sent by Pixel Perfect

If you need any help and support you may contact us.