Why my store get closed automatically?

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Hi, guys, I hope everyone doing well 

I have a big problem with Shopify and really I don't the reason why it happens.

the problem is: after I create a new store and I try to add my credit card to buy a domain or to select a plan my store gets closed immediately, same happens when I try to link my PayPal account to accept payments.

I wait for the Shopify risk team to give me an answer for 13 days, after they answer me they say we can't accept your business, I try to let them explain why that happens but never say why.

I say maybe my products are bad or my business is bad, so I do a test, I create a new store and I didn't add any product or anything, I just try to link my PayPal account with the store, and boom same thing the store gets closed immediately after I link my PayPal account.

please guys, if anyone has to face the same problem, let me know.