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Hey, I just got this message. What does it and mean and where can it be found in the theme code. I am using a theme called "prestige".

It looks like this page is redirecting to a page that isn't compatible with this editor. To ensure that your redirect doesn't interfere with the editing experience, replace window.location.href = with = in your theme's JavaScript 


1. Download this Google Chrome Extension: (you need to use Google Chrome):
2. In your Shopify Admin, go to Online Store > Themes > Edit Code
3. In the new box that appears with the extension (top right corner) search for:


and then replace it with the code they gave to you. 

However, is NOT a valid code, so I don't know why they want you to use that.

Remember that if you're not comfortable/familiar with Javascript you need to hire a developer to assist you, messing around with Javascript can lead to unwanted and critical errors on your website.

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