Wordpress vs Shopify | SEO Ramifications

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I currently have a Shopify store with a blog hosted on Shopify.  I'm interested in possibly moving my blog over to wordpress and making the Wordpress blog a subdomain of my current shopify store.


My question is:

Is it possible to move the blog to wordpress while still maintaining all the SEO benefits of having a blog on my ecommerce Shopify website?  Because the blog would be hosted on wordpress, I am concerned that the new blog on wordpress would not help my domain authority, search ranking, etc.






Hi @jamchg10000,

There are some great articles out there on this topic. A quick Google search will show you tonnes.

However, that might not help you too much. After researching this topic myself a little bit, I realised that the recommendations are mixed. Some articles recommend subdomains, some recommend subdirectories and some are neutral.

So I did a quick analysis. From the top 10 search results that came up from my Google search about the topic - I analysed how many articles supported subdomains vs subdirectories. Here's what I found.
- 3 supported subdirectories
- 3 supported subdomains
- 4 remained neutral


As you can see from these results, even the top ranking answers found via Google can't agree what the answer is. Unfortunately, it's not an easy assessment - both pathways have their potential benefits, risks and costs.

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Why do you want to move the blog onto Wordpress?


Maybe you can use Shopify App Proxy to extend your Shopify Store and point it to Wordpress blog if you want a Wordpress Blog in a subdirectory instead of a subdomain. 

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I'm gonna propose an alternate solution, you might be interested in syncing your WordPress blog into your Shopify store.

Please check out my StoryBook ‑ WP Blog Connector app here: https://apps.shopify.com/storybook-wp-blog-connector

The app acts as a proxy, it connects your WordPress blog with your Shopify store. All WordPress posts/categories/tags and such are instantly available within your store.

You will find most of the WordPress features available, more we implement server-side caching under the hood, there is a good chance that your Shopify blog is way faster than your original WordPress blog.