Wrong password error message not showing

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Hi all, 

Would greatly appreciate guidance from the Shopify gurus for such a simple issue. My website that I have done is, 

However, when testing the features, when I intentionally input wrong account credentials within the customer account login page here,

There are no error messages coming up to inform the user whether he has input,
1) Either wrong username or;
2) Wrong password

Would like some input on this, are we missing some code and which page should I be looking in? Originally we got a friend to help build the store so he did made some changes on the code to get everything up but has since not been responding. 

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It would require advanced Liquid/CSS/Javascript knowledge to implement this feature, I'm afraid that unfortunately there is no simple copy-paste solution otherwise I'd happily guide you through.

If it is of your wish, I present myself available to help you. 

I work full time as a developer and have worked with dozens of people in this very forum.
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Wishing you a great weekend,

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