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I am having an issue where a wrong variant is being added to cart. Here's an example: On this page, if a user selects the "90 foot length x 99 inch width" variant, the "180 foot length x 24 inch width" variant is added to cart instead. See photos below.




I've contacted the developers of the theme (Impulse) and the team who helped with the variant table, but neither group said their code was responsible. The issue happens on other product pages as well.





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Hi @A_Vega,

It looks as though it's not just adding the wrong variant, but it is effectively adding the first variant every time.

So that would point at a cart form error. It seems that the listener is fetching the correct variant id, but probably the JS isn't translating that on the cart form. As far as I can tell, the Deliverr app is appending information to the cart form so, as a quick test, I'd try to disable the app first, just to see if that fixes the issue. 

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Hello, I'm having this exact same problem. The problem started right after an order was put in at 9am this morning. Now, customers cannot add different variants. They will select a variant, but it always adds the first variant to the cart. The order placed at 9am was of variants that aren't listed first. I don't understand what happened between now and then. How can I fix this? Thanks! \


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I feel like this may be a common issue with a lot of themes. Whats actually happening is customers are scrolling through the images, adding different variants (of the same product) to their cart. They then proceed all the way to checkout and place the order without realizing they placed 5 of the same variant to their cart, because they never changed the variant in the drop down selector. Is this an easy fix? My sales have really picked up, and on top of the regular customer service issues (dropshipping, long shipping times), I now have customers complaining we sent them the wrong variants, requesting refunds, refusing to pay for returns, etc.