Yes/no product variant option for CSV to identify stock products

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Hey y'all, 

I am setting up a pretty massive shop csv for a Tile Distributor's website rebuild. The site is yet to be built, and will only be used as a searchable catalog w/ quote inquiry and not for direct eCommerce. However, the company does physically stock a large number of products and would like to have those items be identified/filterable. 

Because they select single items instead of an entire product line to stock, my solution is to use Option3 as a Stock identifier using Yes/No values --
Option3 Name: Stock
Option3 Value: "Yes" or "No"

Is this a valid format? Or should a different solution be used? How would this even look/function when imported into the shopify store?

Another set-up I had considered was --
Option3 Name: Availability
Option3 Value: "In Stock" or "Special Order"


I have a screenshot of the existing spread below.

Thanks for your feedback!