add language to full theme



actually, I am not sure if this massage related to this place or maybe to Shopify design, but I had to take a shoot.

so, I am very new in Shopify, so my apologies for ignorance.

I want to add a language to my store, so I opened the Language Store and translate my page text by text.

but the navigation bar at the head didn't change.

and I didn't found the text of the content of my pages.

I tried to create a new navigation bar that the title of the navigate button will be in Hebrew,

but apparently, it's connected somehow and the English language option

was showed the Hebrew navigation bar as well.

so I tried to download the "ConveyThis Language Translate" app. but found out the same problem.

is there any way to translate the whole site with the navigation bar and pages content particulate?

thanks very much!