anchor links remove the translation (/fr/) from the URL

Hi all,

This happens on the homepage. Let's say I have a block that, once clicked, redirects to a collection page. The anchor tag is something like

<a href="/collections/HANDLE">

Now I'm trying to have my store in multiple languages, so "href" needs to have (french, for example) "/fr/" before the link. It works fine when I use this:

href="{{ collections['HANDLE'].url }}"
/* which gives me */

but this doesn't work:

href="{{ collection.url }}"
/* which gives me */
/* instead of */

Just to clarify. I am on the translated homepage, so the like should point to the translated collection.

Does anyone know why this happens and if there is a workaround for this?

Thanks in advance

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You could add /fr to the href:

<a href="/fr{{collection.url}}"> Bonjour</a>
<!-- Returns: /fr/collection/a-collection -->


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