is this a malware? I can't delete it!

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Same here. Once I deleted the code it hasn't come back. I've been monitoring things daily.


As an aside, I did contact Shopify about this. The code most likely came from an app. I was told they were investigating, but I haven't heard back yet.

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I'm having a similar issue, using to check my site and it's coming up with

However I can't find it. I've scanned the website with password protection on, and it says everything is ok. I have found the code

{{ shop.metafields.theme.cdn_css }}

and removed it, however SUCURI says that wasn't the issue, it could of been an issue, but not the "malware" that sucuri says I have.

This is a recent development, that I believe came from some type of Options/Bundle app. Which one. nobody knows.

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