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Hi, I run a store for my art works. Some of them are ready to be sold, some are sold , and some can be sold in the future, e.g. they are yet unfinished or given to people for a limited time. I can set my products to be available, of course. I can also set their quantity to 0, so they are 'sold out'. 

But is there a way to mark them as 'unavailable', 'currently unavailable' or 'offer a price'. So I need variants of availability, basically.


It would also be nice if customers could announce their interest for a certain product that is not yet available.


This is a rather unusual demand as far as online shops are concerned, I presume, but help is greatly appreciated - thank you!

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You could try using "Pre-order" for your products. This will make your product "currently unavailable" but purchasable.


Here's a detailed instruction from Shopify: https://help.shopify.com/en/themes/customization/products/add-to-cart/allow-pre-orders


Hope this helps!

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thanks, but it's not quite what I want. It can't be so difficult to program different qualities of 'not available', I'll try to figure it out. If anyone has any more ideas, thank you!