dns and domain name tranfers

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I am currently working on a new website on shopify and I am getting conflicting info on how to transfer my dns over to shopify.

1. I have a current web site now that is hosted by expression engine and this server is now obsolete and retired because the version of ExpressionEngine I'm  using will not  run on as it has not been upgraded since 2014 . This server will continue  temporally but will not have any support moving forward.

2. My domain name is currently sitting with go daddy

3. my go daddy renewal for my domain is May 28th

3. I don't want to go live with my new site until end of May 2021. (Or May 28th)

What are the steps necessary (in numerical order) for me to move my dns and then my domain over to spotify but also keeping my current site on line until we open the new site with spotify?

Also will my current site shut down automatically after the new site is open?



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Hi Dunc!


If you update the DNS settings for your domain that will cause your domain to point to the new Shopify store you are creating. If you want to also transfer the domain hosting to Shopify, I would start that process soon as it can take a few weeks for the domain host transfer to take place. Keep in mind that during the transfer of the domain hosting, the URL might not be accessible and the store could be down for a few days to a few weeks. There is no set timeline for the transfer as it can change from domain host to domain host.

If you want to keep the domain hosting through GoDaddy, that's totally fine. When you are ready for the domain to point to your new Shopify store, these are the steps you would take:

Step 1: Sign into GoDaddy and edit the DNS settings for the domain.

  • You will want to set up your A record to have the value of:
  • For your WWW CNAME record, you will want the value to be: shops.myshopify.com.

You should only have 1 A record and 1 WWW CNAME record in your DNS list. It can take up to 48 hours for this to update in the domain host. 

Step 2: Connect existing domain in the Shopify store admin under Online Store > Domain > Connect Existing Domain

Step 3: Wait 15-30 minutes for the SSL to finish propagating.