headless auth api question

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Hello ! Thank's for your work i actually start to install headless with nuxtjs.


I am using first with the rest api with shopify buy package. It work really well.


I can create a checkout add item delete / update.

fetch collections



But here it comes. When it come to go to checkout.


There is webUrl that redirect to shopify so cool. But i definitely don't understand the way to handle customer connexion with rest api.... Can you guide me a bit ? Or maybe it is not possible with rest api ?


I want to start with graphql but really the doc is not really well explained to me i am totally lost... I wanted to use nuxt + apollo and find nothing really relevant to me. I found this https://github.com/hamzashahbaz/shopify-nuxt-graphql-client

But there is no connexion in this repo.


This is the last part i need to finish my application can you guide me with the auth process that shopify handle when it host the front.


All website i saw that use graphql have just guest checkout and no oauth