how to do redirect when migrating http (without SSL) woocommerce to shopify

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Hello team,


I am wondering how to manage to migrate nonsecured woocommerce HTTP old store URL to Shopify, is there some way to do it easily? 

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Hi @kbi512 

Its okay you can migrate non-secured in many ways. But to have quest become easy to handle, I suggest you hand over the quest to LitExtension. They developed an automated tool that executes more than just migrating your data, they provide options like create 301 redirects and SEO URL migration. As a sure an expert, the tool can accomplish any task of your migration from WooCommerce to Shopify securely and accurately.


If you want to clarify their capability in migrating URLs, just give it a try the free demo migration. Then contact them for any other question, they're always available to help.




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Hello there, 


We'd like you to consider an automated converter for eCommerce migration - Cart2Cart service.  The tool has been developed to make the eCommerce migration across various shopping platforms as trouble-free as possible.  Our "Create 301 redirects on the target store after migration" additional option will redirect your WooCommerce products and categories URLs to the new ones on the Shopify store. Moreover, we'll be glad to help you move your WooCommrece data entities to Shopify not only with no data loss but also with no business interruption and end-user confusion.  

Also, make sure to try a Free Demo migration in order to check the service performance and evaluate the results.


Should you have any questions concerning your store migration - feel free to contact our Support Team. 



Cart2Cart Team


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