how to upload html file to root directory of shopify

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I'm trying to verify my shopify so that facebook ads will work. I;ve done it via DNS and meta except i can't wait the 72 hours for that to register. Can anyone assist with doing it via html file? I've read all the tutorials that i can find but haven't been able to locate a walkthrough of how to do it.





Technically speaking you can't use html within Shopify, we use .liquid which is, succinctly and in layman terms, a "HTML with superpowers". 

Anyhow, your goal seems a bit hazed: what exactly do you mean by verifying the Shopify account for Facebook ads?

Thank you


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Hey mate.


Apologies, i'm probably not using the right terminology. This is my first time setting up an online store.


FB wants me to set up a specific code on my website (options are via DNS, meta-tag or HTML) so that it can verify that the ads that i run on FB are sending people to the right website. I think i only need to do it via one of those three methods, however apparently DNS and meta take up to 72 hours to be read by FB. So i'm trying to figure out how to do it with HTML (or liquid) so that it's instant. I've downloaded my specific HTML file but the instructions say to copy it to the root file of my website. Which is where i'm stuck...


Hope that clarifies my question.



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I am having the same problem. I have tried verifying my Facebook Business account by adding a line of code into the <head> section of my theme.liquid but Facebook tells me it cannot verify even though I can see their required bit of code in the source. My other option is to upload an .html file to the root directory which is not possible as they look for a .html file and I can only create a .liquid file. 

Have you come across this issue of not being able to verify elsewhere?


Many Thanks


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Same here! Any help would be great!


Facebook provides 3 options, but only 2 of them are viable in Shopify.

  • HTML: Shopify doesn't provide access to the root domain and you cannot add any files there
  • DNS: It is possible by adding a TXT entry to your DNS record. That could take up to 72-hours, but usually it is much faster
  • Meta-Tag: this will allow to almost immediate verification, but you need to customize your theme code. That is a simple operation and can be done inside theme.liquid file inside layout folder of your theme
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I have tried multiple times to add facebook verification into <HEAD> section but it does not allow me to verify. Pls help. 

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i am getting this same problem. any help will be appreciated 

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hope someone can help us on this.. im having the same issue as well.

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