images not importing from Squarespace product csv file

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I'm trying to migrate the products from a squarespace store to shopify mainly following this guide right now which basically has you export your squarespace store as csv files and import them to shopify with the store importer. For the most part everything works as it should. However when it comes to the product csv file, I get an alert saying "Some of your products have images that we could not load into your store. We imported these products without those images." The store has over 700 products and about 200 or so are missing an image.

Can anyone give me some insight into what is happening? I took a look at the csv and the images that don't import and the ones that do all seem to have similar urls and are jpegs. Not sure what the pattern is that prevents certain ones from uploading. Also I tried simply deleting the import and trying again but same result.