importing orders from affiliates via private app

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We are trying to find the best approach for importing orders from our affiliates into our Shopify store. I understand we can 1) enable a private app and generate a Shopify private app API key and share it with our affiliate, who can 2) then push orders into our Shopify store via the private app API. 
1. Is this the best approach or do you recommend something different?
2. Do we need a private app set up for each affiliate that we are importing orders from?
We then want to integrate our Shopify store with our existing ERP system (Online Inventory Management System | Cloud ERP | DEAR (
3. Once we've integrated our Shopify store with our DEAR account, will all of the orders we've imported into Shopify flow into DEAR?
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Hi @Erin8 

Yes, this is the right approach. Create a private app with the correct access scopes, and your affiliates can create orders on Shopify via the API. The only risk here is if your affiliates do not make correct use of the Shopify API. Depending on the number of affiliates you can set up multiple private apps so you can delete access for one without affecting the others if you so wish.

I see that Dear systems has a Shopify App, you could explore that for the integration ($$$!) DEAR Inventory – Ecommerce Plugins for Online Stores – Shopify App Store or do a custom integration with the Dear Systems API. In either case, you would need to map your product IDs between Shopify and Dear so they are consistent.

If you'd like any help setting this up, let me know at