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So i think i really mess up and i need your help. I was trying out some new apps to translate my store's text into other languages ​​and suddenly I notice that when I go to my store and click on a product it opens normal but after a few seconds the error 404 appears and above the url switches to the Hindi language (hi) , so I uninstalled the applications I had installed in an attempt to get everything back to normal but it didn’t,  the error continues to appear  and continues to translate the page into Hindi that doesn’t exist anymore, hence the 404 error, someone can help. I find myself a little desperate because I've been working in this store for about half a year and I was counting on opening in the next few days and now this happens to me and I'm afraid that I have to redo everything again so I am here to ask your help.

I just tried to access my store on my cell phone and everything went well, but if you access it on your PC, the error appears.

Link to my store:

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Hi @Mike199 

Eunice here from the Shopify Community. Thank you for your post, I'd be happy to help you here.

I recommend clearing your browser's cache and cookies. If you're not sure how to do that there is an awesome site here that gives instructions for all browsers. 

When we make a lot of changes our browsers can hold onto old information and become confused. Because you were unable to replicate the issue on your mobile device, it tells me that this is most likely to be a cache issue. I was also unable to replicate the issue on my desktop, or my mobile device, which leads me to this conclusion even more.

If, however, this does not fix the issue, please let me know here and we'll investigate further.

Your site looks great, by the way! I can tell you've put a lot of work into it over the year. I did notice that your Instagram feed at the bottom of your homepage is not working as it should be. I recommend getting this fixed before you launch. Showing your Instagram on your homepage is a great way to increase social proof. If you used an app from the Shopify app store to add your Instagram feed to your homepage, I recommend contacting the developer of the app for support

Also, since you're launching soon I thought I'd just leave this here for you too. It's a store launch checklist to ensure you've got everything covered! 

All the best!

Eunice | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Eunice thx a lot for the help, i didnt know cache could bugg out like this, the problem its solve and thank you really much. i havent got the instagram up and running yet got distracted whith some other problems. but im really glad your like the look of my shop,we had to stop working in the store for a little bit because of covid, thats the reason i took so long to respond sorry, but everything is good now and we are gonna keep on working to complete it