liquid error: could not find asset snippets/password-protect.liquid

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First off I have no clue about coding.

I received this message after deleting the Magic Pass app.

I googled the error and was told to delete 

{% capture captured_page %}

{% endcapture %}

{% include 'password-protect' %}

From templates product liquid, templates page liquid, templates collection liquid and templates article liquid.

It also told me to delete snippets/password protect liquid, snippets/password protect variables liquid and templates/search.magicpass_json liquid

I did all that and I still got same error. But now on all my collection pages, not just the ones that had the magicpass protection on it.

So i then starting trying to put all of the things back that I had deleted...just to start from scratch. I put the stuff I typed out above back but of course I have no idea how to re-code the snippets.

But now the error code is gone and its just content.

Help please!

And in as simple terms as possible because I don't know how to do any of this stuff

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Hello  ,

If file is already removed and if there was custom code in it and you don't have backup of it. Then we can't provide you exact code without making code again.
But if there was no custom code in it. Install the same theme again and get that specific file from there and use in live theme.
But if you are not sure how then you have to hire someone.


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The snippets are what are completely erased now. But they are snippets
labeled password-protect. Which was the app I was trying to delete.
So do I still need those?