next page navigation not working for me on any page

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Hello I am new to shopify and have been trying to find answers without any support from Shopify. Why is it so hard to contact anyone at Shopify? 

The next page navigation on my online store is not working on any of the pages or collections. 

It shows the products only from the first page whatever it is and it shows page 1 of 2 but the link to go to page 2 is not working and is not linked. 

What is wrong? I am using the default Debut theme. 

Please help. 

How to contact Shopify support? Why is it so difficult to contact the support? I wish I had opted for square website I feel as it seems like a big task to get any kind of help from anyone at shopify. I am getting frustrated. I have spent almost a week or more just to find this one answer. 

Can anyone see this and help? 


Hi there,

Please provide a url to the page where you're having problems so I can better check what's wrong.


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This is an accepted solution.

This was fixed by support. The issue was the color theme under the Theme settings was merging with the background and so the arrow keys were not showing. 

This can be closed now.