payment_buttons form

Is there any ways that I can change the code behind the 

{% if section.settings.enable_payment_button %}
{{ form | payment_button }}
{% endif %}

Notably I am looking to change the form.

It is showing up the PayPal button, which is fine as I want this, but it then shows a "More Payment Options" link underneath that and when you click on it, it adds the item straight to the cart and proceeds to checkout!

Thus it is not really showing more payment options, but is replicating the action of "Buy it Now" - which is not ideal!

I've looked everywhere for it, but can't find it so I'm thinking that it's something that may not be able to be changed easily by myself.

If I could get a copy of the code or something like that I'm happy to create my own snippet and make the changes I'm looking for there?!


I'm using the free theme Minimal btw.




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