preorder template shows message above product on collection page

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Hi all,

Just need some help with how a Product which has "zero stock available" and "Does not allow selling when out of stock" displays on the collections page.


Here i have listed the current experience, when the above conditions are set:


On the collections page:

  • There is a banner above the product showing sold out
  • The product looks washed out
  • Does not show second image on hover over

On product page:

  • check out button shows sold out
  • Check out button is greyed out (not active)

It is only the collections page that I want to change. I am happy with the product page experience.

I would like the collections page products to act in the same way as they would if the did have stock available. I.e. :

  • does not display the sold out banner 
  • the product does not look washed out
  • the second image on hover works again



(image one is as normal, image two is showing 2nd image on hover and the third image it the one I want to change



I appreciate any guidance.

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I wonder if commenting will bring it to the top