product description DIV moving with page (brooklyn theme)


Hi, if any one can give me a hand here would be perfect because i'm lost.

So, I moved the description of my products to a tabbed area and got my header menu floating, all good with this but 1 of the products, only one, the div keeps moving with the page.

Still pass protected as not ready yet.

Here's the link and pass   /  theane


Again if anyone can give me some help / clarity to the why, many thanks.

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Did you fix the issue? I don't see the description div move as I scroll the page. If it is only one of the products where this occurs, try copy-pasting from the one where it works.


This is an accepted solution.

Hi yes, did found the JS that controls that section and it sticky in case the description area is smaller then the picture.

Took me hrs to understand what was going on.


leaving the js that controls that on the Theme.js, look for this and the controls will be right after ( sorry i don't have the control anymore has i deleted it)

    initStickyProductMeta: function() {
      var $meta = $(this.selectors.meta, this.$container);
      var $wrapper = $(this.selectors.productWrapper, this.$container);