"Shop Pay" checkout initiated on a store with a custom domain name concludes on "*.myshopify.com"

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Our store is resolved via a custom domain name, and when we send our users to begin checkout on their cart we send them to this domain name. As they go through the checkout process, those that choose to use Shop Pay or another "Accelerated Payment" option are navigated to that payment provider's flow (e.g. shop.app) to enter their details. When they complete the process and are sent back to our store (where they will land on the "Order Completed" page), the provider sends them back via the "*.myshopify.com" base domain name, instead of via our custom domain name on which they began the checkout.

This presents two problems for us:

  1. It's a brand issue, as the *.myshopify.com domains/subdomains are not intended to be visible to users since they are inconsistent with the rest of our web presence
  2. More importantly, we have analytics tools running on our store's checkout pages which rely on this domain name remaining the same in the beginning and the end of checkout. Specifically, certain cookies are set when the user begins checkout which track their session. When users come back from the Shop Pay flow, since the domain name is no longer the same, the cookie that had been previously set by the Analytics tools is not present, and we lose track of their session.

We have not been able to find any configuration options in the Shopify admin interface that control the domain name used when returning from Accelerated Payment flows. Is there anything else that can be done? I imagine that this may affect many customers who use both custom domain names and Acellerated Payments for their stores.

Thanks so much for any help!