"Straight-To-Checkout' ATC Buttons not Redirecting to Checkout

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As the title mentions, I am seeing an issue with my ATC buttons not working properly. All ATC buttons on my customised PageFly Product page are set to go straight to checkout upon action, however, when clicked, some customers are not getting redirected to checkout and their pages are simply being refreshed OR in some cases they are directed to Home Page.

The annoying thing is that neither I or PageFly support can recreate this issue on any of our devices, yet I still see customers run into this EVERY day and it is losing me a ton of sales.

Have I Installed Any New Apps or Edited Any Code Recently? Yes and Yes but I have been unable to identify what the problem code/app is and I don't know any other way to do that.

Related posts seem to point to it being a JS error. I have done my best to find that error with no success.

Please find examples of the issue: